logo design

Graphic Designers of the 1950’s to 1970’s

Paul Rand
Well known for his timeless and iconic logos. His work illustrates how some logos can withstand the test of time. If you’d like some more insights into Rand’s thoughts on design watch this supplemental video.

Paul Rand Logos

George Lois
George Lois is the mastermind behind a number of timeless advertising campaigns, logo designs, and design concepts. Many of the pieces in this gallery contain supplemental commentary.

George Lois Ad

Herb Lubalin
Herb Lubalin puts an emphasis on concept in his logo work. In addition to his design work, Lubalin is also known for his typefaces, including Avant Garde.

Lubalin Logos

Milton Glaser
Known for the iconic  “I Love NY” logo. A celebrated designer whose work includes logos, magazines, packaging, and more.

Milton Logo


Designing a logo

The Logo has various elements consisting of type, graphics, and a range of colors. Here are some tips for designing a logo.


Type is a powerful tool especially when it matches the feel of the company. Will thick and chunky be appropriate, or tall and thin? How about round and playful, or passionate and delicate? You aren’t limited to the fonts already installed on your computer, you can download fonts online or even create your own.


For the graphic element(s) of your logo, start by drawing forms or arranging shapes to get the results you want. Your knowledge of logos is helpful. Think about what makes a logo memorable and where you draw your inspiration from.


Lastly, think about color. Flat, bold, strong hues that will communicate your brand’s message in an instant. Is it fun or serious? Hot or cold? Fast or pensive? Some logos employ only one color, some have 2 or 3.