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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity represents the look of a company. Many successful corporate identities are not just a successful logo, but the design and implementation of a visual system which defines their image, marketing and advertising. The logo itself is only one component of the visual system in corporate identity.

Here are 3 agencies that have well known corporate clients.

Carlos Segura started the Chicago-based and world-renowned creative agency Segura Inc. Well known clients include Toyota, Gatorade, MTV, ESPN, Mongoose, Q101, among others.

Landor Associates is a branding agency with  locations in New York, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and  Paris. Like many agencies, Landor Associates helps companies redefine their corporate image. FedEx, BP and Craft are some of their clients.

Pentagram has been around for over 50 years and is a large independent agency with offices in the U.S. and Europe. They are associated with Tiffany and Co, Penguin Group,  Windows 8, Nissan, Walgreens, Lucy’s Fried Chicken, and Citi. Pentagram is known for simple and clean designs.


Four major areas of the Creative Industry

These are the 4 major areas of the Creative industry and as a future designer it is beneficial to know a little about each of them.

You can accomplish this by taking intro classes in another discipline that you would otherwise assume is not a part of your area of study.