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Final project for Illustration class: Children’s book cover

Created with Photoshop. I was marked down by the Instructor for not having a more finished end product and also a lack of adequate shading used on the characters. I admit that I do not find my final project to be 100% complete, as it is still a little bit rough around the edges. I learned a great deal from this illustration class, the most important being the illustrator process. Of 12 thumbnail sketches I developed 3 of my best. Of those 3 I chose this one for the final project, thought I made adjustments. I did not create a grey scale version before colorizing because of lack of time but I think this is one of the most important steps for good shading and contrast.



Illustration Styles

Illustrations are found in comics, magazines, books, websites, and animation. Successful Illustration artists are notable for their own personal style that sets them apart. Though styles can be vastly different, they all share a common thread: consistency in style and accuracy.

Here are some illustrators that have very unique styles.

Charles S. Anderson inklogo

Charles S. Anderson Design is one of the most influential agencies in the country, if not the world.

Chris King king

King is a character illustration artist who specializes in comic book art. His work is highly stylized but also has as sketched quality.

Bill Watterson watterson_bill_1988_

Watterson is the artist behind Calvin and Hobbes, the famous comic strip about a boy and his tiger. His style shows that real life accuracy is not as important as consistency.

Lester Beall beall_mailer-1

Beall’s work can be described as immediate. His illustration style focuses on the immediate reaction with bold colors and use of photos.

Milton Glaser milton-glaser-dylan

Glaser is one of the most influential graphic designers in the past 100 years.