adobe illustrator basic tools

The most essential tools in adobe illustrator

Vector graphics are all about precision. Adobe Illustrator is used to create vector graphics which are based on a system of points and paths. These points ands paths are precise and use a mathematical grid that allows shapes to be sized without loss of quality. Here are some basic and essential tools to know in adobe illustrator.

Pen tool

The Pen tool is the main drawing tool that allows you to create any shape you want. With the pen tool, you click and drag to create corner points and curve points rather then actually drawing objects. With the pen tool you draw the points that define the lines.

Shapes tools

In the illustrator tool bar there are a variety of shapes that you can use, such as the rectangle, ellipse and star tool. Though it may seem simplistic to use these basic shapes to create an object, it is important to remember that most objects are really just a combination of shapes. Combined with the Pen tool, designers can quickly and accurately create a graphic.

Fill and Stroke

The fill and stroke are attributes that can be applied to a shape, path and text. The fill is the color of the object and the stroke is the outline with which different thickness and styles can be used. Fill and stroke don’t always have to be applied, as a shape doesn’t have to have a visible stroke or fill.

Selection tool and Direct-Selection tool

The Selection tool is referred to as the “black arrow” tool, and the Direct-Selection tool is commonly referred to as the “white arrow” tool. These tools are similar but have slightly different purposes.

The Selection tool is a more general selection tool that can be used to select, resize, and reposition whole objects. It’s also useful for selecting multiple objects to create groups.

The Direct-Selection tool is more focused and it can select and reposition individual points and paths. It’s also useful for selecting one object within a group of objects.