Poster designers

Poster Design

There are many styles of posters to match the many reasons behind their creation. Some rely on heavily manipulated photography, while others employ abstract shapes and textures. Some have wild, flamboyant typography, while others have crisp and clean organization. The following designers are known for their iconic concert posters.

Mike Klay

Mike Klay creates stunning vector illustrations in his concert posters. By restricting the color palette for each poster, Klay is able to deliver a laser sharp focus on the message at hand. Far from stiff, Klay’s typography is structured yet expressive, and always inventive. Klay has designed posters for Billy Idol, The Crystal Method, Helmet, Symian Mobile Disco, and many more.

Rex Ray

Rex Ray is both a designer and artist, creating work for myriad purposes. His concert posters are much acclaimed for their exciting colors and multiple levels of stimulating detail. Ray has designed posters for music icons Iggy Pop, B-52s, and Jane’s Addiction, as well as more modern artists like Beck, Bjork, and Oasis.

Bonnie MacLean

Bonnie MacLean, like Rex Ray, is both a designer and artist. Her concert posters are synonymous with the 1960s aesthetic. The organic, flowing curves and elastic type, combined with capricious but memorable color palettes, are as invigorating today as they were decades ago. MacLean designed posters for Jefferson Airplane, the Byrds, The Doors, and Pink Floyd, among other noteworthy acts.


Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman, the creative forces behind DKNG, have an envious client list that includes Warner Brothers, HBO, MTV, and Taco Bell. When they aren’t developing amazing work for these clients, they’re focusing on promotional material for Eric Clapton, The Black Keys, Dave Matthews Band, Cake, and many more. Their modern illustration style, clean typography, and silky smooth color palettes are relevant and gripping for today’s audiences.


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