Image editing and its pioneers


Image editing is the act of making adjustments and corrections within a medium such as print, web, video and animation. Its important to have a clear goal in mind when you are editing an image. Exploration in design is good but without a clear goal of what you are creating, it may no come together. Having a basic understanding of both how to adjust imagery, and why to make said adjustments, is foundational to your ability to create stunning work.

There are 3 notable people in the realm of image editing. Andy Warhol, David Carson and Bradbury Thompson.

Andy Warhol was famous for his pop art which is well known today. His experimental work with the screening process allowed him to create many copies of an image with different colors.

David Carson had a new approach that caused a frenzy in the design world. His work emphasizes that the whole is greater then the sum of its part.

Bradbury Thompson successfully blended photography, typography and color. His work may be decades old but the technical precision in which he created his designs looks contemporary.


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